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Publisher Benefits

Industry Leading PayoutsMarket competitive payouts.Our installer offers dynamic ads depending upon the users setup so we offer industry leading conversion rates and terms. Quick ImplimentationImmediate account setup.Files are served from YOUR NETWORK. No need to send us all of your files so your account is setup in days not weeks.
Custom Installer DesignsCustom installer designs.Each installer is customized with the look and feel of your content thus increasing installation and conversion rates. Industry Leading ReportingIndustry leading reporting tools.Online reporting updated throughout the day allows you to maximize your profits and makes tracking revenue a breeze.
Present message in Users LanguageInstallation in users language.Dynamic installation software shows the installation in the native language of the User. Click Here for More Info

Are you distributing files and looking for an alternative way to monitize your content? PPI Network has a solution for you. We can provide you with easy access to installer allowing you to offer your files with our advertisers. SinceYOUR FILES are still served from YOUR SERVER we eliminate the loss of control you often find with other ad networks. Monitize both USA and International traffic with our dynamic installation software that maximizes your earning potential by selectivly offering ads based on the configuration of the users PC - From software configuration to native language, we offer the user the most appropriate, highest paying ads and therefore offer you the best conversion rates per download..

PPI Network promotes tier 1 advertisers so we have the ability to payout the highest rates in the industry. We have the highest conversion rates around and don't need to scrub rates like others in the industry. If you're looking for the coolest content and the best payouts, PPI Network is the place for you.