Distribute your applications

Advertiser Benefits

New UsersNew users recommended by top-tier publishers.We only work with companies who have clean, high performing traffic so you are sure to get the type of users you're looking for. Quick ImplimentationQuick implementation.Since our installer offers dynamic ads your campaign can be up and running in days not weeks.
Pay only for users who install your appPay only for users who install your app.We only charge when a user chooses to accept and install your app resulting in high performing users for you. Industry Leading ReportingIndustry leading reporting tools.Online reporting updated throughout the day makes tracking installs a breeze.
Present message in Users LanguageInstallation in users language.Dynamic installation software allows presentation of your message in the native language of the User. Click Here for More Info

Are you looking for more distribution for your Windows applications? PPI Network can help you get the users you want at a price you can afford.

We will present your apps to users that have an interest in downloads and find your app to be relevant for their needs. The users will have complete control over accepting your offer which will result in you receiving the type of customers you want. We understand that you know your brand better than anyone else so we use your creatives and messaging to let the user know what they are getting which provides a very high install rate.

Whether you are looking for a large quantity of users or a targeted amount, PPI Network is the partner for you.